Workshop ‘Empowering Conscious Communities’ – working with Presence, Dialogue and transformational healing

Saturday October 6

Moderator: Renate Stöcker, Life Alignment Practitioner & Teacher

This workshop is for people who are actively involved in building conscious communities and networks. Also invited are people who want to join this movement and participate in its activities.

Our aim: empowerment, becoming more consscious, being really present, balanced and firmly determined.

As a movement we are entering new grounds and we enjoy the space of not knowing answers yet and finding them out together. While doing that we practice deep listening. We will speak from the heart and engage in open dialogue.

Together we will look at what we bring (our dreams and desires, our power, our knowledge, our energy and creativity) as well as what holds us back (old habits and beliefs, issues and patterns).

Renate will bring in her energetic healing experience as a Life Alignment Practitioner & Teacher as well as her experience with the Dialogue Process and other work forms.

Schedule of the day

(As we are dealing with process work it can be adapted during the day, depending on what comes up)

10:00 Welcome and introduction
Introduction into the Dialogue process, (explanation of the 10 principles of the Dialogue Process (slowing down, speaking and listening from the heart, building a safe the container, pleading for something in a productive way).

10:30 Opening the space
Determining the central theme of the day using Life Alignment tools.

11:00-13:00 Practicing the process of dialogue and inquiry (in small groups)
Leading questions from your own life experiences:

  • What do you see as the main obstacle in building sustainable and powerful communities?
  • What has been your own part in that?

13:00-14:00 Lunch break

14:00-15:30 Life Alignment Group balance
Transforming blockages and support empowerment and presence.
Building on the morning practice and themes and issues that arise from it.

15:30-16:00 Tea break

16:00-18:00 Inner Power
Being able to solve whatever comes up in conscious groups while speaking and listening from presence and an empowered space, using the tools available from Non Violent Communication, Vortex healing, Dialogue process and Inquiry, while
trusting inner guidance.

The workshop is meant to plant the seed for new ways of connecting, communicating and thinking together, as well as to find new creative solutions for issues we need to tackle.

Date: Saturday October 6
Location: Farmhouse Op de Voshaer, Dwingeloo (Netherlands)
Address: Eemster 39 – 7991 PR
Start time: 10:00
Closing at: 18:00
Cost: € 95 (lunch included)
Payment: NL57 TRIO 0338 5759 60 t.n.v. Vereniging Op de Voshaer.
Dinner (optional, not included) in nearby restaurants.
Possibility of staying overnight the day before or after (or both) in nearby guest houses (not included)

All information: Renate (program), Fred (registration, logistics and surroundings)
Mail Renate:
Tele/mail Fred: +31 6 28 330 001,

Below you will find additional background on the Dialoguue Process.


“It’s our mind that creates this world”  The Buddha

Invitation to Dialogue

The Art of thinking together

Looking at the situation of the world today there is a growing need for a new kind of consciousness about ourselves as a species that inhabits this planet.

Dialogue is a tool that can help mankind to meet the challenges of chaos and rapid change in all aspects of life.

It helps by teaching how to take the time to listen and understand where an other party is coming from and trying to see and understand the whole picture, instead of polarising and fighting each other’s position. Thus facilitating shared solutions for burning problems.

The Dialogue Process (according to David Bohm – quantum physicist, Martin Buber -Jewish philosopher and Peter Senge, MIT) offers a great framework to practice the art of thinking together.

According to David Bohm, ‘thoughts’ are quick and often habitual. Many times they are not our own thoughts. However we hold on to them, identify with them and defend them. Every thought carries a certain energy and has an impact. Our thoughts play an important part in creating our reality. Sadly, we tend to operate from habitual thought and not from presence.

Constructive and creative ‘Thinking’ on the other hand happens in the present moment, takes time, needs presence and involves both heart and mind.

Nonviolent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg) is an integral part of the Dialogue Process. So are meditation and many forms of communicative practices.

The transformational energy work of Life Alignment is a fundament support to enable us to be in the present moment and align to presence and respond from our whole being. It enables us to let go of old habitual patterns, beliefs and thoughts forms that don’t serve us any longer. Life Alignment heals wounds around speaking out and not being heard. So that we can speak from an empowered place.

Some of the benefits of practicing Dialogue are:

* Becoming aware of the process of our thinking itself
* Practice deep listening as well as advocating our own convictions
* Noticing how we are listening and filtering information
* Putting discrepancies and conflict on hold and take time for deeper understanding
* Inquire where our thoughts and beliefs are coming from
* Listening and speaking from the heart and allow ourselves and others to act like that
* Becoming aware of our inner dialogue and inner critic
* Learning to align to the group consciousness and the flow of meaning in the group
* Tuning in to presence – listen to our inner wisdom and a greater consciousness

Thinking together becomes a joyful and powerful process that is full of life and opens up to creativity and a new way of relating to yourself and others.

The Dialogue process as a group process offers a rich field for learning and coming into alignment with the present moment and presence and share what is true for you.

The Dialogue process is more than a communication skills – it is a path of transformation that could not be done alone.

Life Alignment supports the transformational process by releasing old patterns of thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us, provides healing around wounds of not being heard. Being able to speak our truth and express our needs helps us to become more aligned with presence.

The Dialogue Process is listening and speaking from a place of presence, being aware, alive and with the spark of the moment. It ís a way of changing consciousness and transforming our reality.